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Define and implement your corporate brand

Companies with clearly defined values have a proven competitive edge via an engaged workforce, loyal clients and a defining character and voice.  Identifying your unique vision and mission statements aligned with resonant values can significantly aid key business objectives, raise productivity and enable focused hiring and decision-making. We can help you identify these key corporate statements working with you to find ways to implement them to elevate your company culture and drive your business forward.

Our strategic sessions help you to define

Company positioning
Company values
Vision and Mission Statements

We had an incredibly positive experience working with Janet and Aimée of Liberi Consulting. They provided research, motivation, and simple yet effective steps for a process that meant we were able to deliver our own company profile with their expert guidance.

They listened to our vison and values and were able to reflect our thoughts and ideas with carefully constructed phrases and definitions, helping us develop our brand identity with clarity and precision.

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